Agreement between Schiphol Trade Park and Heembouw for circular redevelopment of C-Bèta warehouse

  2 April 2020  |    News

Recently, Schiphol Trade Park B.V. and Heembouw Kantoren B.V. signed a contractor agreement for the circular redevelopment of the warehouse at C-Bèta in Hoofddorp. It concerns an expansion of the workspaces of the existing circular coworking and event location. Following circular principles, Heembouw will redevelop the warehouse into office space for circular businesses according to designs by DOOR Architecten. Construction is scheduled to begin mid-April and is expected to be completed in September.

Since its launch in 2018, C-Bèta’s activities were focused in and around the 125-year-old farmhouse. The organisation aims to accelerate the transitions to a circular economy and now needs more space. This space will be made available by redeveloping the adjacent warehouse. With rental units sized between 15 and 35 square metres, the building of approximately 1,000 square metres is envisioned to become an inspiring playground for startups and scale-ups working on circularity in the fields of business premises and area development. The workspaces in the warehouse will add to the number of spaces in the old farmstead’s front building. In addition to the warehouse, the rest of the C-Bèta lot – a total of nearly two hectares – will also be used to contribute to C-Bèta’s ambitions. Parts of the outside space will be made available to the community for use as space for experiments, to create test set-ups, erect small buildings or exhibit circular projects or services that can contribute to sustainability in business premises and area development.

A second life for windows, doors and sanitary facilities
When redeveloping the warehouse and furnishing the units, Heembouw will use circular materials such as windows, doors and sanitary facilities that have been ‘harvested’ from other renovation projects. A number of partners are also involved, contributing to fulfilling the circular ambition:

  • Vital Places is creating the lighting, including daylight solutions benefitting the well-being of the tenants. In addition, the LED lighting is entirely modular, meaning it can be reused sustainably.
  • Degree-n ensures tenants are comfortable with nano infrared panels, which are among the world’s most energy-efficient heating panels and have a minimal carbon footprint.
  • De Lange Natuursteen supplies the tiling.
  • The JdB Groep is responsible for earthwork and outdoor sewage. Just like C-Bèta, the JdB Groep work with creative solutions focussing on circularity. Another benefit is that the JdB Groep is also located on Rijnlanderweg at Schiphol Trade Park, bringing required logistics to a minimum.

For business premises and development
The new workspaces are of particular interest for parties that develop circular products or services and want to contribute to gaining and sharing insights about circularity in the fields of construction, interiors, infrastructure, mobility, food production and energy transition. The municipality of Haarlemmermeer has issued an umbrella permit so that experiments can take place at C-Bèta and its outdoor spaces without the need for long procedures for separate permits. Businesses setting up at C-Bèta form part of its circular community.