Heembouw builds new Brocacef distribution centre at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp

  20 December 2021  |    News

Heembouw has been commissioned by the investment company GLP to build a sustainable distribution centre for pharmaceutical wholesaler Brocacef at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp.  The new building will occupy a plot of 30,188 square metres and will be Brocacef’s centre for the urban distribution of medicines and medical products. Construction work has already begun, and the new centre will be ready for use in mid-2023.

Sustainable distribution
Brocacef is a market leader in the Netherlands and supplies medicines and care products to general practitioners, hospitals, veterinarians, care homes and other healthcare organisations. The distribution centre at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp will service a large part of the Netherlands. In the future, medicines will also be delivered to private individuals in the greater Amsterdam Area using electric delivery vans.

Value-added plan
The development is highly ambitious in terms of sustainability. Heembouw Architecten and Brocacef have worked with SADC’s sustainability team to created a ‘value-added plan’, which contains additional measures focused on creating the most sustainable development possible. The plan is based on three pillars: clean and smart urban distribution, the incorporation of greenery and a nature-inclusive car park.

The new distribution centre of approximately 24,600 m2 (2,130 m2 office space and 22,450 m2 warehouse space) will meet the requirements of the BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating. GLP is also planning to install 1,650 solar panels on the roof. In addition, the building will be connected to the business park’s thermal energy storage system, a sedum green roof will cover the office area, and the car park will have a green façade of climbing plants growing up from the ground.

Yasha Schadee, SADC project manager, says: “We are proud that we have been able to take big steps towards sustainability with Heembouw and Brocacef and that there is a progressive value-added plan. It’s great to see that we have the same ambitions and look beyond existing options as a matter of course.”