Bosman Van Zaal is coming to Green Park Aalsmeer

  5 March 2018  |    News

Heembouw builds new production facility for Bosman Van Zaal

Bosman Van Zaal is moving into Green Park Aalsmeer. A contract of sale was recently signed between Green Park Aalsmeer and Bosman Van Zaal for the purchase of 2.7 hectares of land on the Braziliëlaan in Aalsmeer. Bosman Van Zaal also recently signed a turnkey agreement with Heembouw to build its modern production facility, including office space. The environmental permit was issued by the Municipality of Aalsmeer last week. The total property area is 16,266 m² GFA (approximately 2,500 m2 of office space and 13,500 m2 of commercial space). Habeon Architecten produced the design for the building. 

As a systems supplier for crop science companies, international multinationals, research institutes, propagators and professional growers, Bosman Van Zaal helps its clients achieve their ambitions and vision. For nearly a century, innovative solutions have been offered to pioneers in the horticulture sector in order to ensure a collective effort to feed the global population in smart, efficient and valuable ways, making the world a better place.

Alderperson for Economic Affairs Ad Verburg: “We are thrilled that such a large and innovative company has chosen to establish at Green Park Aalsmeer. Active in the ornamental cultivation sector, this company has decided on an easily accessible location in the heart of the Greenport region. Bosman Van Zaal has more than 40 years of experience in technical systems and nearly 90 years under its belt when it comes to developing and building greenhouses for the international greenhouse farming industry. Bosman Van Zaal is a subsidiary of the Green Innovators group. With two offices in the Netherlands and facilities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Poland, they will be able to add Aalsmeer to their international map.”

Combining the availability of both design and execution for all horticultural disciplines within a single company has helped Bosman Van Zaal achieve a healthy rate of growth. The new location is prepared for this growth and provides the necessary space for a heavily automated production process. The new building will also accommodate over 200 employees who are currently working at two different locations.

Heembouw will start construction in April 2018 and is expected to complete the project in early December 2018.