Homegrown seat: designer outdoor seating made of elephant grass at Schiphol Trade Park

  16 December 2016  |    News

This designer outdoor seat is made of elephant grass, which we grow on the vacant lots at Schiphol Trade Park. Since Friday 9 December, the seat has been installed on the patio at the Circular Expo at Schiphol Trade Park.

In the area alongside the runways of Schiphol Airport, elephant grass (Miscanthus), hemp and flax are grown. These plants are multifunctional: not only do they keep off birds so they don’t fly into aeroplane engines, absorb aircraft noise and take up carbon dioxide, but they also provide the materials for this bio-based outdoor seat. Made of elephant grass, hemp and flax, the seat completes the circle in the circular economy.

The hemp and flax fibres are used to make the biocomposite which forms the outer surface of the seat, while Miscanthus is used to make the bio-concrete filling. Weighing no less than 1200 kilos, the concrete means the seat won’t blow away in a storm.

You are welcome to try out this innovative outdoor furniture at the Circular Expo. A transparent cutaway in the surface reveals the natural fibres.

For more information on Circular Expo: www.circularexpo.com
For more information on the bio-based outdoor seat: www.biobasedbank.nl