Huawei and SADC start strategic partnership for Green Data Center Development

  6 June 2016  |    News

Huawei and SADC enter into a strategic partnership for the development of Green Datacenters in the Amsterdam Airport Area.  Huawei has a lot of expertise in developing datacenter infrastructure. Together with the expertise of SADC in area development, their arises a powerful combination to meet the strong demand for sustainability datacenter development.

The partnership with Huawei follows on the shared ambition of SADC and foundation Green IT Amsterdam to create an efficient and a high level sustainable datacenter ecosystem within the datacenterhotspot Schiphol.


SADC en Huawei

  • Victor Yu, President, Industry Marketing & Solution, Huawei Enterprise Business Group
  • Jeanet van Antwerpen, CEO SADC
  • Franc Weerwind, mayor Almere