Jeanet van Antwerpen leaves SADC

  19 April 2021  |    News

On 15 April 2021, Jeanet van Antwerpen bid farewell to her role as director of SADC with a small gathering of her close colleagues. On 1 May, she started in her new role with BPD Gebiedsontwikkeling as director of the northeast and central regions.

Jeanet: “Unfortunately the timing doesn’t permit us to properly say farewell with a large group gathering. So I would just like to take this opportunity to wish my contacts – many of whom I’ve not been able to speak to personally – all the best. I would like to thank everyone for their fruitful cooperation.”

Until a successor is appointed, the role of director at SADC will be assumed by Arno Jansen (manager finance and CSR) and Reinoud Fleurke (manager area development).

In her final column for Faces magazine, Jeanet noted:

“Disruptions that alter the rules of the game in one fell swoop. Game changers! We’ve had a lot of them to talk about in recent years. Management books about ‘lean’, ‘agile’ and ‘futureproof’ solutions were flying off the (digital) shelves. Training sessions and seminars came and went. The major warning underlying all of that: how do you prevent your business from experiencing a Kodak moment? Remember that well-run company, a world leader with its rolls of analogue film, which unfortunately saw no profitable future in digital photography?”