Location advise

We help national and international businesses with their choice of location and the realisation of a high-quality working environment on the west side of  Amsterdam (the WESTAS). We try to relieve our clients of as many worries as possible. SADC has broad experience and sound in-house knowledge that enables it to do this. For example, we have knowledge of zoning plans, building regulations, laws and regulations, potential forms of financing and municipal area development plans.


SADC’s efforts are not limited to delivering ‘metres and mortar’. We also look after the marketing and sales of our own business environments and attend to the international marketing of the area as an attractive place to set up shop. SADC invests in networks and in facilities at and around the sites, and it connects parties to
collectively boost the quality of the regional business environment. We are involved ‘from the grass roots to the business ecosystem’.


Business ecosystems
To remain competitive, businesses are increasingly collaborating in new ways. For instance, they are working across sectors to stimulate innovation. Another trend is for large enterprises to work with smaller, specialised companies and startups to increase their innovative edge. Networks of different types of companies
are emerging at various geographical scale levels, comparable to ecosystems, with a large measure of diversity and adaptive capacity. By being part of an ecosystem, businesses are better equipped to respond to changing market conditions and hence to remain competitive.

Do you need location advise?

Check out our business locations to see which location best suits you. Our sales managers are happy to help on +31 20 206 6640