Green Park Aalsmeer is ideally situated between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Aalsmeer Flower Auction and the N201. Green Park Aalsmeer is particularly for entrepreneurs wishing to base their businesses near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, at the heart of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

The area around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has become an international hub, with many logistic businesses. These businesses offer a wide range of services in the field of warehousing, order picking and transport, Customs formalities, storage and maintenance and other logistic services.

In short, Green Park Aalsmeer is perfectly located:

  • In the heart of the Randstad
  • Next to the Flower Auction (Greenport Aalsmeer)
  • On the N201, with own exit
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol just 5 minutes away
  • Amsterdam accessible in 15 minutes


ligging Green Park Aalsmeer


Few business parks have such an ideal location as Green Park Aalsmeer. And not only because Green Park Aalsmeer is on the N201 and close to the A4, A5 and A9 motorways; it is also located on the economically thriving Logistics Corridor. The Logistics Corridor offers a unique proposition in European terms. It runs from Greenport Aalsmeer, past Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the Port of Amsterdam and Zaanstad. Just a stone’s throw away is dataport AMS-IX. Together, the four ports offer high quality and synchronised water, air, rail, road and digital connections serving the domestic and international markets. These are vital for getting people, goods and return flows to their destinations as efficiently as possible.

What makes the WESTAS unique?
  • One of the top five business establishment regions in Europe
  • Four trading hubs close together (Port of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Greenport Aalsmeer and Dataport AMS-IX)
  • Excellent access for clients, staff, goods and data
  • Know-how available for (logistical) innovation
  • International service-providers in the vicinity (Zuidas)
  • Pleasant residential environment within cycling distance

More information?

Louisa van der Zwet

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