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The Energy Hub is the prime location in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area where the energy transition in logistics, trade and other sectors is taking shape. It is where innovative and future-ready energy products are developed, produced and sold. Schiphol Trade Park facilitates parties that wish to push this transition forward.

Important considerations
There is no debate on the need for an energy transition. That is why we have already built a multi-fuel filling station and a solar energy park at the Energy Hub. Other energy solutions and applications are more conceptual, as there are still so many questions to be carefully considered. For example:

  • Which energy sources can be combined?
  • Where do you store the energy?
  • Is it a matter of reduction or a matter of change?
  • How can you reuse energy?
  • How can you apply these energy products in practice?

Do you have an energy concept but no location? We are talking to a number of partners now. Join the conversation by getting in touch with Anne Peters today.

More information?

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