The circular revolution begins here

Valley will become the first circular hub in the world: the place where circular challenges from around the world will be solved together with a unique mix of stakeholders. Valley offers the complete spectrum of facilities and services to facilitate the transition to a circular economy; work and collaborative spaces, maker spaces, fab labs and pilot plants. Valley is a community and environment, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Circular hub

Valley will become the first circular hub in the world: a unique place where circular ideas, technologies, financing structures and business models are being developed. A community and a physical habitat that significantly accelerates the transition to a circular economy.


Valley is one of the areas of Schiphol Trade Park. SADC, Delta Development Group, VolkerWessels and Reggeborgh Groep develop this area together. SADC develops the public space in accordance to a circular developmentplan. Delta, VolkerWessels and Reggeborgh develop the circular R&D-environment and the community. One of the first concrete developments is the Circular Expo that opened its doors on the 1th of april in 2016.




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Circular economy

Our economy is at a tipping point. The circular economy provides answers to the challenges we face and offers an inspiring prospect for the future. The circular economy demands new ways of working and developing; new ways of producing and consuming. The circular economy aspires to optimized value retention and re-use of products, components and materials. It provides a solution to increased resource scarcity and environmental pressure. Above all, the circular economy provides a great platform to innovate and to realize qualitative economic growth.


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