McDonald’s chooses top location with potential

  28 November 2016  |    Interview, Testimonial

You want a base with growth potential, you need customers, and most importantly, as a McDonald’s restaurant with McDrive, you must be easily accessible. “With our ambition to open several new branches this year and create 1,200 new jobs, Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp was ideal. This location has everything to be a success”, says Debbie de Wagenaar, director of Corporate Communication, McDonald’s Nederland. “Once we’d decided on this place, we had several meetings with developer SADC. We discussed and fi nally agreed on the desired image of the restaurant and now it’s there. Up and running. For the fi rst time in the Netherlands, the LIM Extreme interior design concept has been used in a McDrive restaurant. A friendly, urban feel and comfortable seating. With a surface area of around 500 m2 and 170 seats, this is clearly a McDonald’s and yet different.”

Strategically smart
“We are constantly looking for interesting locations in the Netherlands. The Randstad conurbation is one of these. This business park is in a very strategic position: on the edge of a big city, close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and with excellent access via the A9 and local roads. Also the fact that Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp is new and that the district has around 135,000 inhabitants makes it an interesting location. The future restaurant offers comfortable facilities for people passing through, for businesses in the park and for local residents.”

Cooperation at local level
The enthusiasm of McDonald’s Nederland about this new restaurant is shared. In the run up to the opening, the company received very positive reactions from local businesses. Debbie concludes: “There was no restaurant on the business park. Also, various initiatives have already been suggested for possible cooperation at local level.”

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