Molenaar Haarlem: “PolanenPark is spacious and highly accessible”

  18 July 2017  |    Interview

To mark the occasion of SADC’s 30th anniversary, the summer 2017 edition of the business magazine Haarlemmermeer INTO Business included a special feature on SADC. Six businesspeople were interviewed for the article; read more about the interview with Ger Molenaar of Molenaar Haarlem (PolanenPark) below.

Molenaar Haarlem is a 24-hour lease and transportation company in steel and synthetic road plates and azobé bulkheads. Molenaar also sells railroad sleepers and round timber. Since 1 January 2017, Molenaar Haarlem has resided in a new building at PolanenPark in Haarlemmerliede, nearby Haarlem.

A true family business, Molenaar Haarlem has been around since 1882. After 130 years, the company decided to move away from its location at Penningsveer because the access roads were much too small for the transport of the often heavy materials. Now that the company has moved to PolanenPark, those problems are a thing of the past. “We are very happy here,” says Ger Molenaar, one of the company’s directors. “The business park is spacious and highly accessible.”

Since Molenaar Haarlem’s work often involves short-term projects, for example in response to calamities, it also involves frequent transportation of heavy materials. The heaviest road plates weigh 1,300 kilograms, and the heaviest azobé bulkheads no less than 2,000 kilos. The company has seven lorries especially equipped for transporting these materials.

Molenaar says that co-operation was a bit difficult at first. “But thanks to the effective supervision by then-alderman Markus and Schenk Makelaars, it all worked out fine in the end.” Molenaar is positive regarding the future for PolanenPark. “I think this business park has a fine future ahead of it. But of course, we can only speak for ourselves.” Ali

Download the full article here (in Dutch), including the interviews with all six businesspeople.