Montea develops for Bakkersland on Green Park Aalsmeer

  23 November 2015  |    News

Montea has acquired a plot of 60,000m² at Green Park Aalsmeer. This week, Montea began the development of a building here covering 40,000m2, 30,000 m2 of which has already been let to Bakkersland. Bakkersland signed a 20-year lease contract for the premises and will equip the building as one of the largest bakeries in Europe. Montea has already made contact with various potential lessees for the remaining storage hall covering 10,000m². The delivery of the new building is planned for October 2016.

“We are very proud that the fine Bakkersland company has opted for Aalsmeer for its establishment”, said Ad Verburg, Alderman for Economic Affairs. “The choice of Green Park Aalsmeer was partly due to its good access. Via the N201, Amsterdam, the A2, A4, A5 and A9 are all close by. It is also good that the well-known property fund Montea was willing to make such an investment in Aalsmeer. That is good for confidence and very good for our economy.”

Thousands of loaves per day
Bakkersland supplies bread, cakes, pastries and specialties to various supermarket chains in the Netherlands. This latest Bakkersland production location will become one of the most modern, efficient and sustainable bakeries in Europe. The arrival of the new bakery means a great deal for employment in the region around Aalsmeer.

Montea is a listed property fund, specialised in the development and management of logistical property solutions for its clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. At Green Park Aalsmeer too, Montea is developing this project via a partnership with the lessee, within the contours of a polyvalent logistical building.