No Excess opens ‘fashionable’ building at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp

  9 December 2016  |    News

The Dutch men’s clothing brand No Excess has officially moved into its new building at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp. Although the physical warehouse space is the same size as its previous facility in the area (2,600 m2), the use of smart layout design and new forklifts have helped create 60% more space in the building. The 1,400 m2 office space fully meets the expectations that one would have when it comes to a well-known apparel company: fashionable design, complete with a showroom and styling rooms.

Natural workplace
The grounds around the building were also given their fair share of attention. The 0.9-hectare parcel is surrounded on all sides by water. A generous garden has been created between the water and the building, complete with dock, patio areas, and the retention of natural elements such as reeds and a view of the historic Lijnden pumping station. The first floor of the office boasts spacious balconies on all sides, giving employees the feeling they are working ‘outdoors’. Henry Potuijt, Financial Director of No Excess: “Of course, choosing this property was a conscious decision, but now that it’s finished, we realise what a unique place it is to work.”

Founded in 1988, No Excess had already been based in the region for some time. However, the apparel company was looking for a new location near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, an area that is ideally suited to international fashion companies. The men’s clothing brand is sold in more than 20 countries around the world, through more than 1,500 sales outlets. Two-thirds of their turnover comes from abroad. Their (international) webshop also operates out of the new energy-saving building. The No Excess head office at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp employs around 40 people.

‘The Smart Outdoors’ fashion concept
This No Excess facility is yet another manifestation of ‘The Smart Outdoors’ concept: the Lijnden fashion cluster, Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp and the Akerpoort, all located in the green ‘backyard’ of Amsterdam, near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Port of Amsterdam. This is a unique selling point that appeals to internationally minded fashion companies, amongst others. Gabbiano Denim is already based at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp, while several other fashion companies – such as The Sting and Just Brands – operate out of Airport Business Park Lijnden, located nearby.

The green waterfront parcels at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp hold a particular appeal for fashion companies since they offer the option of facilities with up to 50% office/showroom space. In co-creation with Fronteer Strategy and several regionally based fashion companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Just Brands and LaDress, a fashion cluster is now also under development for a multi-tenant commercial building, as well as single-tenant buildings – both of which target fashion companies. Particular attention is being placed on the transition to a circular economy and the development of business ecosystems. The objective is for all of these elements to make Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp the best and greenest location for fashion companies.