Official opening STULZ Group BV’s new premises at De President

  2 November 2021  |    News

STULZ Group BV has moved into its new premises at De President, Jacobus Ahrendlaan 3 in Hoofddorp. The building has an area of 6,000 m2. As well as office space, the building has a new warehouse with some 2,700 pallet spaces. The building is equipped with sustainable climate solutions from STULZ, STULZ Tecnivel, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and S-Klima. In addition, 1,200 solar panels feed the charging stations for the electric cars and supply energy for the heat pumps. Hoofddorp was chosen as the new operational base because of its good national and international accessibility.

Originating from Germany, the family-owned company STULZ GROEP BV specialises in high-end climate solutions. The innovative company is a leader in climate solutions, such as precision cooling, air treatment, comfort cooling, humidification and heat pumps. One of its specialisations is air conditioning for data centres and telecommunications installations. STULZ has twenty subsidiaries worldwide, one of which is its subsidiary in the Netherlands, and works with partners in more than 140 countries. STULZ has factories in Spain, Germany, Italy, the US, China, Brazil and India. STULZ employs approximately 7,200 people worldwide, with sales of €1.3 billion. Around 60 people will be employed at the Hoofddorp site.