Partnership agreement signed for waste and raw material management at Schiphol Trade Park

  12 March 2020  |    News

On 11 March, Schiphol Trade Park Services, Milgro, Meerlanden and Nijssen Recycling signed the Schiphol Trade Park Waste and Raw Materials Management Partnership Agreement. In the agreement, Schiphol Trade Park Services offers the three companies the opportunity to advise businesses at Schiphol Trade Park in Hoofddorp on a circular approach to waste and raw material management. “We are pleased to commit to the ambitions of area developer SADC,” says Laurens Groen, CEO of Milgro. “We look forward to working together and achieving profitable sustainability in the chain.”

Increasing sustainable impact together
Schiphol Trade Park Services (STP Services) is responsible for area management at Schiphol Trade Park, which is developed by Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC). On request, the partners can facilitate companies in the transition to more sustainable business operations, for example by performing a waste and raw materials scan and digitising the processes and data relating to waste materials. At area level, this approach connects the companies. The data provides insight into the opportunities to jointly increase the impact on sustainability. This sustainable approach to waste and raw materials will then become part of the companies’ business models. Angeline Kierkels, managing director or Meerlanden, says: “In entering into this partnership, we are accelerating our move towards a sustainable and circular business park.”

Marisol Elisabeth, STP Services area manager, says: “With this partnership, we aim not only to advise companies at Schiphol Trade Park, but also to offer them a tried-and-tested approach to utilising their raw material flows. By extension, they can apply a raw material flow strategy and take measures at building level. And that also benefits the environment, now and in the future.”

Gerard Nijssen, director of Nijssen Recycling, says: “If people want to live in balance with nature, recycling is a necessity. Working with closed cycles is in our genes, and Schiphol Trade Park’s ambitions are a perfect match.”