Master Totaalinrichting: “SADC offers excellent assistance”

  18 July 2017  |    Interview

To mark the occasion of SADC’s 30th anniversary, the summer 2017 edition of the business magazine Haarlemmermeer INTO Business included a special feature on SADC. Six businesspeople were interviewed for the article; read more about the interview with Paul van der Brink of Master Totaalinrichting (De President) below.

Master Totaalinrichting supplies, designs and assembles everything relating to interior design for homes and offices. The company has been at Business Park De President since March 2010.

“De President was a deliberate choice, because of the freedom in design, good accessibility and the high-quality finish of the grounds and the buildings,” explains Paul van den Brink, Managing Director of Master Totaalinrichting. “It’s a major advantage that you can build your premises the way you want it, instead of having to work with what a previous owner has left behind.”

Van den Brink is happy with the location at De President. “We are in the line of sight of our customers and of people passing by. In addition, we’re easy to reach and there’s a good working relationship with all the other businesses based here.” Such factors, along with a strong park management association, make it attractive for businesses to establish offices here. “And of course, it’s wonderful that you are free to determine the size of your plot of land and the design and appearance of your own building!”

De President is currently seeing a lot of construction work again. “There is even talk of creating De President 2.0 across the road. Once the park is fully built up there will also be more facilities like public transport and shared security systems, which will enhance social control.”

Van den Brink highly values SADC. “It’s a great partner to work with. They offer excellent assistance and sit on the board of the park management association. This way you are kept well informed of all the developments regarding the park. SADC has already proven itself, but they need to keep working on the communication with the business park and with the municipality. Specifically, they need to remain involved with the older business parks that they’ve developed before.”

Download the full article here (in Dutch), including the interviews with all six businesspeople.