SADC takes new steps in developing the station area in Hoofddorp

  17 September 2020  |    News

There is a great deal of potential to develop the station area at the Schiphol Trade Park into a top international business environment. It forms the new link – of around 30 hectares – in the Enter[NL] area, which runs from Hoofddorp, via Schiphol, to the Zuidas business district in Amsterdam. International companies have always been attracted to this area, but a new work environment with an enticing mix of offices, facilities and businesses near a railway station makes Enter[NL] even more appealing. To develop this vision, SADC has chosen to work with a top team of international agencies, namely: Arup and Karres en Brands.

 SADC is developing a number of business locations within Enter[NL]. At present, around 140,000 people work in the area, and a further 65,000 to 90,000 jobs are expected to be created. The station area is easily accessible by train, HOV bus and car. The possible extension of Amsterdam’s metro line to Hoofddorp (via Schiphol), would boost the quality of the location. The Steigenberger IntercityHotel has already chosen this area as its new location.

SADC strives to achieve sustainable, future-proof work environments that contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Reinoud Fleurke, SADC Area Development Manager: “We really focus on the needs of employees. They are the ‘residents’ of our areas. We are developing work environments that are easy to access, pleasant to work in, and where you can actually enjoy meeting others and spending time.”

This unique location next to Hoofddorp Station and near the Defence Line of Amsterdam (a UNESCO World Heritage site) offers so many opportunities to meet our major ambitions. Malcolm Smith, Global Masterplanning and Urban Design Leader at Arup: “We see it as a fantastic challenge to draw up an adaptive development vision. A vision that smartly anticipates multiple futures and meets the needs of the companies and their employees.”