SADC welcomes the Logistics Council from the Urban Land Institute

  17 February 2020  |    News

On Tuesday, 4 February, SADC welcomed fellow members of the Urban Land Institute’s Logistics Council.

The all-day event was hosted at the SADC office and covered topics such as ‘How to Build Sustainably’ and ‘Urban Logistics’. At the end of the session, SADC provided a site tour of some of its business parks for members of the Logistics Council. This included a visit to Schiphol Logistics Park to see developments such as the AMS Cargo Center, then headed to Schiphol Trade Park, where they learned more about the highly sustainable ABC Square complex and the ongoing BREEAM recertification of Schiphol Trade Park. The day closed with a short tour of C-Bèta, a farmhouse ­converted using circular principles that serves as an experiment and knowledge lab to inspire further circular development and activity, particularly in the construction sector.

Urban Land Institute
The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is a non-profit research and education organisation. Its mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. The ULI has around 40,000 members worldwide. These members have a background that represents the entire spectrum of land use and development disciplines, including both public and private entities. Every year the ULI organises the ULI Europe Conference, which is visited by more than 700 professionals from around the world. The conference brings together the entire sector, from investors, asset managers and developers to architects and civil servants.

Logistics Council
The Logistics Council is a diverse group of professionals from all over Europe, with a core mission to share and explore best practices and innovative solutions for logistics in European real estate. The purpose of the Logistics Council is to facilitate discussions and produce research across a wide range of topics, such as sustainability, technology, innovation and automation.