Scheybeeck wins Schiphol-Parkeren tender at Green Park Aalsmeer

  14 March 2017  |    News

Investment company Scheybeeck has won the tender for Schiphol-Parkeren, an airport parking project at Green Park Aalsmeer. Scheybeeck will develop a new parking area on a 2.3-hectare site as part of this project. This development fits within the policy for Schiphol-Parkeren that is already included in Green Park Aalsmeer’s structural vision, finalised in 2016. The construction of the parking area will be carried out in the summer of 2017.

The Schiphol-Parkeren project is part of the Green Park Aalsmeer structural vision. The position that Schiphol-Parkeren must be discouraged in the majority of Aalsmeer will remain unchanged. However, the pricing for parking at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol itself has led to a structural need for Schiphol-Parkeren to expand in this region. Rather than barring it from the entire municipality, locations have been studied to determine where Schiphol-Parkeren would be most desirable.

Specifically considering the spatial planning criteria applied to parking areas, the conclusion was that Green Park Aalsmeer, near the Middenweg, offers a suitable location for Schiphol-Parkeren (under the approach route for the Aalsmeer runway). A decisive factor is a direct connection via the Middenweg to the main road network (including the N201 provincial road) leading to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. A requirement for parking areas is that they must not be visible from public roads, and must incorporate greenery in their design. For this reason, in working with Green Park Aalsmeer, Scheybeeck will ensure that landscaping is used both in the parking area and its surroundings.

One of the important considerations in awarding this tender to Scheybeeck was sustainability. Scheybeeck indicated that it will place particular emphasis on this aspect, and will study the uses of LED lighting, a foundation made from recycled mixed granulate, recyclable asphalt, and green energy.

Information evening
Residents living in close proximity to the Aalsmeerderweg are invited to attend an information evening on this development project.

Scheybeeck is an independent investment company that participates in businesses with a strong market position or the potential to acquire this. Its focus is on the market for services and maintenance. Companies in which Scheybeeck participates include BUKO Infrasupport, Consolid, Flash Private Mobile Networks, IJmond Transport Groep, Medizon, Smit’s Bouwbedrijf, Visual Retailing, NPB Media, Vos Logistics and Zwart Techniek.