Schiphol Trade Park’s infrastructure construction runs on CO2 Saving Diesel

  8 July 2019  |    News

In June 2019, KWS Infra started work to create the most circular and sustainable business park in Europe: Schiphol Trade Park. It’s a unique project, and the first in the Netherlands in which all diesel machinery used by KWS will run on the cleanest version of CO2 Saving Diesel: CO2 Saving Diesel 100.

CO2 Saving Diesel 100 is a fossil-free synthetic fuel made of waste material. From the fuel’s production to its use, the CO2 emissions produced by the machinery are reduced. The use of CO2 Saving Diesel cuts emissions by >89% for CO2, 10%-34% for particulates (PM), 5-37% for NOx and >99% for sulphur compared to fossil diesels. Apart from using sustainable materials and circular construction processes, KWS therefore also uses sustainable machinery and makes the greatest possible contribution to the ambitions of Schiphol Trade Park.

Earlier this year, KWS Infra Amsterdam-Heerhugowaard was definitively awarded the contract to construct Schiphol’s Trade Park’s circular infrastructure.