Studio Anneloes moves into new premises at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp

  20 May 2021  |    News

Heembouw recently started work on the new premises for Studio Anneloes at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp, an area development by SADC and the City of Amsterdam. The Dutch fashion brand has outgrown its current premises at the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. The new location will sit on a plot of approximately 6,900 m2 and include offices, a warehouse and a showroom. The development is expected to be completed in spring 2022.

Jan-Willem van Loon, director of Studio Anneloes, says: “We are really excited about moving into the new premises. It’s going to be a really attractive building in a beautiful natural setting. It will certainly inspire our employees and we can’t wait to proudly welcome our retail partners.”

Studio Anneloes was established 15 years ago by Anneloes van der Heijden and Jan-Willem van Loon, growing from a two-person business into a major player in Dutch womenswear, now with 35 employees. The new premises will be located at a highly visible site next to the S106 city route. It is a distinctive, waterside development of almost 4,200 m2: 1,600 m2 for the offices, 600 m2 for the showroom, and a warehouse of 2,000 m2. The building’s design incorporates options for further expansion in the future.

Heembouw Architecten created the design, with a strong focus on how the building should embody the spirit of Studio Anneloes to enable mutual inspiration between its architecture and the fashion collection. Studio Anneloes’ creations are central to the design: the showroom is located at the heart of the building and shares many visual references with the offices.

Durk van Loon, director of Heembouw Kantoren, says: “The Heembouw design team worked with passion and pleasure on this exceptionally beautiful and sustainable building. It fits seamlessly with the distinctive identity of Studio Anneloes. It was a real joy to work with the team at Studio Anneloes and we can’t wait to finally make this design a reality.”

Embracing a philosophy of sustainability in both clothing and construction

Studio Anneloes pays a great deal of attention to sustainable production and the long lifecycle of its clothing. This philosophy is also reflected in the design of the new premises. For example, the façades of the offices are constructed from a timber frame and clad with NEOLIFE, a wood composite that consists of 92% wood, is a bio-based material and is 100% recyclable.

Sustainability is also at the heart of the site’s exterior. Wherever paving is necessary, permeable paving will be used to better retain rainwater on the site, while the parking areas will make use of grass pavers. In addition, the landscaping is in keeping with the local environment and will feature indigenous plant species. The roof of the warehouse will be fitted with solar panels, generating more than enough electricity to make the building energy neutral.

A lot of consideration has been put into the work floor, too – both in the office and the warehouse. More ventilation will be used throughout the building than is standard, ensuring a comfortable climate with sufficient fresh air. The large glass panels in the offices provide plenty of natural light, with the bonus of fantastic views. Even in the warehouse, large glass façades and a skylight provide natural light and a view outdoors, creating a pleasant work environment for the warehouse staff.

Five times around the world

Jan-Willem van Loon says: “We know precisely the environmental footprint of every garment we make, but soon we’ll also know the exact footprint of our new building. In both cases, we’re keeping it as low as possible. For example, by using circular concrete instead of traditional concrete, we’ll reduce our carbon footprint by at least 24,000 kg of CO2. For reference: that’s the equivalent of using a typical petrol car to drive five times around the earth. As well as the measures mentioned above, EV charging points, a connection to a heat source, a heat pump and LED lighting will also contribute to our goal.”

Rob Wijnen, sales manager at SADC, adds: “We are very proud that a company like Studio Anneloes has chosen Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp. Not only because the location of this business park is ideal for fashion companies, but because Studio Anneloes, just like us, has big sustainability ambitions, which are visible right from the way it runs its operations to how it has worked with Heembouw Architecten to perfectly encapsulate this philosophy in the design of the building.”