Studio Anneloes opens new premises at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp

  13 May 2022  |    News

On Thursday, 12 May, Studio Anneloes officially opened its new office and warehouse at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp. The Dutch womenswear brand has developed an attractive and sustainable building in cooperation with construction company and architecture firm Heembouw and SADC, area developer of the business park. Jan-Willem van Loon, co-director-owner of Studio Anneloes, says: “We are consciously working on the future of both the brand and the planet. Having our own office building that matches our image and core values is the ideal place to continue growing.”

In its new premises, Studio Anneloes has everything under one roof: warehouse (2,000 m2), showroom (600 m2) and office (1,600 m2). Recycled concrete was used in the construction, saving 24,000 kg of CO2 emissions. The office façades have a timber frame construction and are clad with Neolife, a bio-based wood composite made of 92% wood, which is 100% recyclable. The roof of the warehouse is covered with solar panels and energy is used efficiently thanks to the heat and cold storage system. These initiatives largely cover Studio Anneloes’ own consumption, making the company’s operations almost entirely energy neutral.

People and nature

The new office is also an important step for the company’s brand image. Anneloes van der Heijden, co-director-owner of Studio Anneloes, says: “The building breathes Studio Anneloes, from the car park with grass tiles and electric charging poles to the fashionable feel of the showroom. In addition, a lot of thought has gone into creating the ideal workplace for our employees by including plenty of daylight and greenery.” The design of the plot takes the conservation of nature and wildlife into account. One example for this is the choice of outdoor lights that cause minimal disturbance to the lives of native species. The landscape design also reflects the surroundings, using native plant species.

Value Added Plan

Yasha Schadee, SADC project manager, says: “Studio Anneloes, Heembouw and the SADC Sustainability team, which is affiliated with TU Delft, have drawn up an ambitious Value Added Plan that includes far-reaching sustainability measures. Essential elements are the use of fair materials and a healthy working environment to ensure the well-being of employees. These principles fully match Studio Anneloes’ core values, which made the project so pleasant to work on, but which are also very evident in the final result.”