The ideal location for our company

  28 November 2016  |    Interview, Testimonial

When 35% of your business activities are international and you have a great number of logistical manoeuvres in the Netherlands as well, it is almost obvious to be located close to Schiphol airport. Yet Focus fell for Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp for very different reasons: “It was primarily the location with respect to the A1 and A2 motorways. We provide sound, lighting and video for events and theatre productions throughout the country, so that accessibility was really important to us.”

But that wasn’t the only reason; Focus Amsterdam also selected this location because it could completely design a brand-new building according to its own ideas and tastes. From the lay-out to the décor, everything is typically Focus: neat and clean! The atmosphere is created by the people who work there.

New direction, new building at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp
Focus’s story goes back almost forty years. For many of those years, the company was located on Isolatorweg in Amsterdam-Sloten. It was a large building with various sound and recording studios. Even the Rolling Stones have practiced there. Gerard Koster (Sales Manager)  explains the reasons for moving: “When the company became part of Rent-All in 2009, all of the business activities were scrutinised and it was decided to give up the studios and focus on what we’re really good at: creating a unique experience for large events and theatre productions, using spectacular lighting, sound and video. This change of direction meant that we needed to find a new building that fi t better in terms of function and size.”

Friendly contact, professional implementation
Clearly, Focus opted for ‘good accessibility’ and ‘new’. But there are other plus points. The park’s appearance is certainly worth mentioning. “When you drive in here, it is immediately obvious that this isn’t a usual business park. The greenery, the spatial arrangement and the well-maintained public spaces are like a calling card for our company. Everything is new and looks sharp. The interaction between the companies and the park management is also particularly pleasant: friendly contact, professional implementation. For us, all of these things were reasons to be happy with our decision to move to Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp,” says Koster.

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