ToekomstGroep building its own future at PolanenPark

  22 December 2021  |    News

The first pile was driven for ToekomstGroep’s new branch at the PolanenPark business park in Halfweg on 21 December. Dick Zwarthoed, director of ToekomstGroep, says, “We can’t wait to get started at this new branch. If all goes well, we will open the doors in October 2022 and bring all our company’s divisions together in Halfweg. In a building that is state-of-the-art in terms of sustainability and circularity.”

ToekomstGroep (Future Group) works with clients such as housing corporations, real estate investors and project developers. They are experts in new construction and renovation, specialists in glass and have a painting department and technical department for the installation, maintenance and replacement of climate control systems. The company has its headquarters in Andijk, and a branch in Alkmaar. The new branch is intended to serve clients in Amsterdam, Haarlem and the surrounding area. The company has outgrown its current premises in Amsterdam and will be moving to PolanenPark, a Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC) development. Toekomstgroep has 300 employees.

Sustainability, circularity and well-being

ToekomstGroep worked with Me-2 Architects to design the building with a focus on sustainability, circularity and employees’ well-being. Features include solar panels that supply a substantial proportion of the building’s energy needs, 25 charging points for electric vehicles, and the use of LED lighting which is circular and demountable wherever possible. The building is also gas free and very well insulated. Smart installations are used for optimum cooling and heating.

Scenic backdrop for the Fort on the Liede

There is a focus on biodiversity in the building’s surroundings, and rainwater is collected on the roof and used to irrigate the plant life. The roof garden for employees has a view of the polder, and overhanging plants create a ‘green’ atmosphere that underlines the building’s commitment to sustainability. Green boundary fencing on the park side near the rear of the building creates a backdrop for the historic Fort on the Liede in the distance. The fort is part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

People and nature

The well-being of employees, and the biodiversity of the animals and insects in the natural surroundings, are supported by the natural appearance and shades of green in and around the building. The facade of the extended section of the main building and the fencing around the grounds feature natural materials and, where possible, plants. A planting plan was made which prioritises the stimulation of biodiversity around the building. Various nesting boxes and insect shelters have also been placed to encourage this. The greenery thus both contributes to a pleasant working environment and strengthens the biodiversity in the area.

Dick Zwarthoed: “All the design choices have been made to ensure the building is a pleasant and sustainable place, both for our employees and for the environment, animals and insects. To realise a high-quality building, where we all enjoy working and where we want to spend time and relax.”

Reinier Folkerts, project manager SADC: “ToekomstGroep is a company that fits in well at PolanenPark. It’s a regional company that aims to be sustainable. The collaboration is inspiring; both parties have been able to learn from each other during this process in sustainable and socially involved entrepreneurship. We are particularly pleased with ToekomstGroep’s green design for the PolanenPark and see their arrival as bringing true added value to our business park.”