Transdev builds new depot for Connexxion buses at Schiphol Logistics Park

  23 April 2018  |    News

Transdev has started construction on a new depot for Connexxion buses at the Schiphol Logistics Park. The 12,582 m2 parcel will be large enough to accommodate 75 buses, an automated vehicle wash and a small office with a 600 m2 waiting area for the drivers. Contractor G&S Bouw expects to have the location completed by 22 July, the official launch date of the Noord/Zuidlijn (North/South metro line) in Amsterdam, marking the date the new Connexxion timetable takes effect.

Transdev is the parent company of Connexxion Openbaar Vervoer and Connexxion Taxi, among other organisations. Connexxion won the public tender for the concession for the bus lines around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for the period from December 2017 to December 2027 and, as a result, needs an extra garage location in the Schiphol area in addition to the existing garage at Schiphol-Noord. The new location at the Schiphol Logistics Park is adjacent to the dedicated bus lane running parallel to the N201 provincial road.

With 100 electric buses, Connexxion has the largest zero-emission bus fleet running in Europe under a single concession. Until recently, Connexxion’s concession in Southeast Brabant involved the largest electric bus fleet in a single concession with 43 electric buses.

In 2021, a charging infrastructure will also be built at the Schiphol Logistics Park for the influx of electric buses that are expected around that time. More than 80% of the AML buses (Amstelland Meerlanden), of a total of around 250 vehicles, will be zero-emission from 2021 onward.

“The Schiphol Logistics Park is an ideal location for us to implement our future-proof public transport operation in the AML region. The location, the proximity of the bus lane and the location vis-à-vis Schiphol and the surrounding areas is ideal for our timetable. Our plans for the use of the parcel also fit within the specific framework that applies to this area. It is a win-win situation for both Connexxion and SADC,” noted Frank Bleijlevens, manager of real estate and zero-emission loading infrastructure at Transdev.

Anne Peters, Sales Manager at SADC: “The fact that a company like Connexxion has chosen Schiphol Logistics Park for its transport operation in the region confirms how optimal the location of the business park is, right in the middle of the Schiphol region.”

About Transdev
With offices in 19 countries, Transdev Groep specialises in passenger transport and mobile health care. Over 83,000 people work under the Transdev flag. Transdev is a subsidiary of the Groupe Caisse des Depôts, one of the largest social investors in the world. In the Netherlands, more than 12,000 people work for Transdev or one of its subsidiaries including Connexxion.