Unique particulate-absorbing plants at Green Park Aalsmeer

  13 March 2018  |    News

Unique particulate-absorbing plants at Green Park Aalsmeer – Landscaping begins for park on the Machineweg

On Friday, 9 March 2018, Green Park Aalsmeer started the landscaping of the park on the Machineweg in Aalsmeer. Alderperson Ad Verburg and Green Park Aalsmeer project leader Frans Taselaar planted the first unique plants that can absorb particulates and nitrogen. These unique plants were developed in Aalsmeer and do more than just absorb particulates and nitrogen; they also provide a beneficial environment for bees. The particulate- and nitrogen-absorbing plants were developed by the company MyEarth from Aalsmeer.

The park is part of the Green Park Aalsmeer development and was designed by H+N+S landscape architects. Acting as a partition separating the Nieuw Oosteinde development and the Green Park Aalsmeer business park, the park will also be an area for local residents. The Municipality of Aalsmeer is working closely with Green Park Aalsmeer and the Stichting Leefomgeving Schiphol (SLS) (Schiphol Quality of Life Foundation) to determine the feasibility of further boosting the quality of the park, in consultation with local residents. A competition will also be held soon for residents, giving them the opportunity to come up with a good name for the park, in cooperation with the Aalsmeer Oost District Council.

Alderperson for Economic Affairs Ad Verburg: “I’m happy that we can plant these plants as a municipality and make a contribution to the local environment here. These are unique plants that, in addition to particulates and nitrogen, also naturally absorb CO2 and even have a sound-proofing and sound-diffusing effect. This combination of plants and small shrubs are easy to maintain, attractive and include evergreen varieties and flowering plants.”