VDG Real Estate leases over 13,500 m2 to Fast Forward Freight

  21 October 2020  |    News

VDG Warehouse Schiphol, a green, modern warehouse of over 23,000 m2, will make for an auspicious entrance to Schiphol Trade Park. Fast Forward Freight will occupy 13,632 m2 of this high-quality development, while the remaining 9,568 m2 is still available for rent. A key premise for the development is to create more space for ecology than if the plot were to remain part of the surrounding polder.

Fast Forward Freight ­–­ which is renowned for providing some of the world’s best logistics solutions by sea, road and air – signed a lease agreement for a 10,413 m2 warehouse, 535 m2 mezzanine floor, 2,686 m2 of office space, and 12 loading bays. Employees can make use of the modern green roof garden of 314 m2 for meetings, lunch or relaxation. Its new location will take advantage of a unique, high-profile site, which is clearly visible from the A4 motorway and passed by more than 190,000 vehicles every day. It benefits from direct access to the A4 and the undisturbed logistics connection (OLV), and sits close to both Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Ecology and sustainable development
In addition to multimodal accessibility, the ecological and sustainability performance of VDG Warehouse Schiphol is also noteworthy, as it is dedicated to incorporating nature in its development aspects. This is fully in line with SADC’s ambition to grow Schiphol Trade Park into the most sustainable and innovative business park in Europe. The building was designed with the underlying idea of creating space for ecology instead of taking it away. Different habitats are made possible through the creation of green roofs at different heights, green façades, and paying special attention to the hydrological cycle. The roof garden for employees and its fences are expected to attract butterflies, sparrows, house martins, white wagtails and black redtails, while the façade panels are designed to house bats and swallows. This will promote the welfare of humans and animals and exceed the sustainability standard.

Erik van Dijk, owner of VDG Real Estate: “Developing at the forefront of logistics and sustainability:  sometimes challenging, but most of all very exciting. By enlisting the help of the right experts and working closely together, we will make this development a great success. We are confident that together we can realise SADC’s ambition to become the greenest business park in Europe.”

Marc Terpstra, CEO Fast Forward Freight: “At Fast Forward Freight we have always approached the logistics chain in an innovative and creative way. Looking for the best solutions for our customers and business relations. An innovative and sustainable location is part of this vision and the ambition of Schiphol and SADC to realise a true Green Hub in the heart of Europe requires a pioneering attitude. This is something we embrace for global logistics at Fast Forward Freight. We see the collaboration with VDG Real Estate and SADC as a logical step in the continuation of our company and in making it more sustainable.”

Rob de Wit, Area Coordinator at Schiphol Trade Park: “We are striving to develop a positive image and perception of the area for the longer term. We create a new blueprint for area development on business parks and bring people in harmony with nature. The VDG Real Estate development is a good example of this. The building is ‘wrapped’ in an ecological shell and takes a smart approach in terms of programme and materialisation. This development also redresses the current discussion around the spread of generic distribution centres in the polder landscape. We are very happy with entrepreneurs like VDG Real Estate who are willing to stick their necks out. Fast Forward Freight’s employees will be working in a very special building.”

VDG Unibouw has already started construction, and delivery is scheduled for mid-2021. Real estate consultant 1530 Real Estate introduced tenant Fast Forward Freight to VDG Real Estate. 1530 Real Estate also concluded the deal and are involved in the rental on behalf of VDG Real Estate.

More information can be found on the website: www.vdgwarehouseschiphol.nl