Schiphol Logistics Park

Doing business next to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, in the heart of the biggest logistical hub in Western Europe

From Schiphol Logistics Park, your driver can travel along the Fokkerweg and be on a platform at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol within five minutes. The park lies along the highway A4, with its own access road from the provincial highway N201, and is close to the highways A9 and the A5 (the Greenport Aalsmeer – Port of Amsterdam axis). No wonder that the airport-oriented integrators, forwarders and transporters regard this high quality park as a triple A location.

Large-scale, small-scale and parking/outdoor storage

Schiphol Logistics Park can be divided in three parts:

  1. The eastern and southwestern part (about 40 hectares) is for large-scale logistics. You can see that the maximum building heights, space for LHVs, the minimum plot size and the quality plan
  2. In the northwestern part (5 hectares) of the park there’s room for small-scale services, such as hauliers and couriers, lorry repairs, car
    rental companies and other service providers
  3. One part cannot be used for buildings as it is located under the approach route for aeroplanes to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. These 6 hectares have enough room for parking large numbers of lorries, cars or any other vehicles.


  • Directly next to Schiphol Airport
  • Own access road on the provincial road N201
  • Close to the highways A5 and A9
  • Park management ensures the quality, image, safety and the service level of the location
  • Fiber optics network
  • Access for LHVs
  • Own bus stop Rnet line 340 (19 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • In the vicinity of the future bus rapid transit (BRT) Schiphol-Zuid junction
  • Hoofddorp railway station 5 minutes away by bus