Business locations

What makes a suitable working environment for your business? The world is changing, digitizing and becoming more sustainable, and the design of location must therefore change with it. Precisely because of this, we work with research institutes and networks on the design and adaptation of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We can help you on matters such as: your new business real estate, supply and demand, circular economy, logistics, restructuring and strengthening the competitiveness of the region. We do everything possible to keep your working environment as attractive as possible.


Why locate your business here?
  • One of the top five business establishment regions in Europe
  • 4 trading hubs close together (Port of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Greenport Aalsmeer and AMS-IX)
  • Excellent access for clients, staff, goods and data
  • Know-how available for (logistical) innovation
  • Pleasant residential environment within cycling distance