Amsterdam Logistics Board

SADC is member of the Amsterdam Logistics Board. The Amsterdam Logistics Board brings various logistical parties from industry, government, research institutions and entrepeneurs-associations together.


Vision Amsterdam Logistics Board

To become part of the top three of logistics hubs in Europe in 2025, the logistics industry, government and research institutions together should make maximum use of the DNA of the region. More about the vision.

Spatial Planning & Infrastructure Table

Within the Amsterdam Logistics Board, SADC is the driver of the Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Table. The private sector, government and knowledge institutes work together at this Table on the spatial and infrastructural conditions for the growth of logistics in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We consider both the short and the long term here. A number of concrete plans? HST Cargo, the Site Access Scan and a regional strategy for Truck Parks.

Community Amsterdam Logistics is the online community for cooperation and innovation in the field of logistics in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Amsterdam Logistics provides a platform for logistics companies, government and knowledge institutions to meet and to work together toward strengthening the local and international competitive power of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area as a logistics hub. This links up with the Amsterdam Economic Board’s ambitions and the regional cluster programme Smart Logistics Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Logistics is an initiative of, among others, the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, SADC, Schiphol Group, Port of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


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