Our story

SADC (Schiphol Area Development Company N.V.) develops high quality, accessible, (inter)nationally competitive business locations on the WESTAS logistics  corridor in Amsterdam. SADC was established in 1987 by public and private sector parties eager to utilise the economic potential of the city and airport by joining forces and hence to strengthen the region’s competitive position both domestically and internationally.

SADC has four equal shareholders (each holding 25%): the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the City of Amsterdam, the Province of Noord-Holland and Schiphol Group.

Business model

In addition to financial returns through the sale and temporary use of land, SADC generates social returns in the form of:

  • Creating jobs
  • Contributing to the transition to a circular economy
  • Strengthening the region’s competitive position

View the SADC Sustainability Finance Framework here, which consists of the Green Bond Principles and Social Bond Principles established by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

Course changers

The societal and economic context in which SADC pursues its objectives is like a fast moving river, where a boulder sometimes changes the course of the flow. SADC is undertaking action on three important course changers.

  • The transition from a linear to a circular economy
  • The steadily increasing digitisation and its impact on how we work and live
  • The way businesses attempt to remain innovative and competitive. This is apparent from how businesses today are collaborating: increasingly across sectors and through business ecosystems



More information about SADC?

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"SADC connects parties in innovative and succesful logistics, just as I do."
Walther Ploos van Amstel, Lector City Logistics Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Shareholders SADC
Gemeente Haarlemmermeer
Provincie Noord-Holland
Schiphol Group
Board of directors SADC

President board of directors SADC and CEO Bouwfonds IM, former president DGBC and vice president ULI Netherlands

drs. M.B.E. Maarsen

Director Maarsen Groep, also chairman Supervisory Board KIKA, member Supervisory Board EY and AT Osborne, committee member Vereniging Rotterdam Central District

Mr. C.H.M. van Steenhoven MRICS RT

Since 1983 working for DTZ Zadelhoff and till juli 2014 responsible for the division Retail Services, initiator and board member of Realnext

drs. H.M.A. Aarts MRE

Chief Executive Officer Amvest, also member of the Advisory Board of the Master City Developer, Board member of HPP, member jury of the Brabantse Stijlprijs

drs. P.P.G. Meulenberg MRE

Senior partner Real Estate Advisory at Deloitte Financial Advisory, also Member of the Supervisory Board of Hogeschool Utrecht, Member of the Advisory Board Bemog Projectontwikkeling