Aan de Stegge Twello delivers nature-inclusive distribution center for Rapid Logistics

  7 February 2024  |    News

In late January 2024, Aan de Stegge Twello completed a nature-inclusive distribution center at Schiphol Trade Park for Rapid Logistics Group. Reflecting the sustainable ambitions of SADC, a sustainable, nature-inclusive, and future-proof warehouse with integrated offices and parking solutions was designed. The complex comprises 19,923 m2 of warehouse space, 3,428 m2 of office space, 3,220 m2 of mezzanine, and a spacious integrated parking facility. The design includes numerous meeting spaces and a green outdoor area to enhance social cohesion and employee satisfaction.

Schiphol Trade Park is recognized as the most sustainable logistics business park in the world. This distinction is not only attributed to the use of circular materials and an ecological vision in area development but also to the challenge posed to companies to surpass minimum sustainability requirements. SADC requests users to develop a Value Added Plan for this purpose. In response, Paul de Ruiter Architects designed a distribution center constructed entirely with nature-inclusive principles. Other themes in Aan de Stegge Twello’s Value Added Plan include ecology, an inspiring work environment, sustainable energy solutions, and integration into the surroundings: green facades, sustainable materials, terraces, and various roof levels covered with greenery. The outdoor space features native trees and shrubs to enhance local biodiversity, aligning with Schiphol Trade Park’s ecological vision for the entire area—a pleasant area for both employees and animals/insects. The construction utilized circular materials, and the roof is equipped with solar panels to meet Rapid Logistics’ energy needs. The building has received a BREEAM Excellent certification.