A view of Schiphol Trade Park

  22 July 2021  |    News

Years have gone by since planning first started for the development of Schiphol Trade Park, and in that time not only the demand for business parks has changed, but also the world around us. The need for premises around Schiphol for logistics and other sectors has increased, yet at the same time we face challenges such as the transition to a circular economy. The plans have been repeatedly adjusted to accommodate new insights and new opportunities. This is a continuous process. We learn from every development at Schiphol Trade Park, as do all our partners, from developers, architects and landscape architects to the municipality and local residents. Only through working with all of them can we achieve Schiphol Trade Park’s ambition to become the most sustainable and innovative business park in Europe. This requires a high degree of flexibility from all those involved. And courage. And a strong sense of responsibility.

The first companies are now operational, and others will be following very soon. The buildings are highly sustainable on the inside, and complement their environment on the outside – a result that has been achieved through intensive cooperation.

In this video, several of the people involved talk about their vision of Schiphol Trade Park.

We would like to thank Delta Development Group, Denkkamer Architecture & Planning, Madaster, Lodewijk Baljon Landscape Architects, Spectral, the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and local resident Corinne Kalisvaart for their cooperation and enthusiasm.

About Schiphol Trade Park

Schiphol Trade Park has the ambition to be the most sustainable and innovative business park in Europe. We are achieving this by applying circular principles in area development. This means that in planning the area we consider aspects such as the use of renewable energy, the reuse of raw materials, sustainable mobility and the sustainable use of water.

As well as fulfilling the sustainability requirements, companies at Schiphol Trade Park have to meet high visual quality standards in areas such as nature inclusivity, biodiversity, ecology and living environment. The environmentally friendly appearance of the buildings is the ‘new normal’ at the business park.

These measures guarantee a location that will retain its value for each company. At the same time, we are supporting the transition to a more circular economy. It is not without reason that Schiphol Trade Park was BREAAM**** certified in 2014.