Groenland expands at Green Park Aalsmeer

  3 October 2017  |    News

Groenland bv is expanding, and alongside its current premises for Celieplant and Bouquetnet, the company is developing a new building. The start of construction work was celebrated on 3 October 2017, as the first column of the new premises was hoisted into position. On a 23,800m2 plot on Japanlaan at Green Park Aalsmeer, 12,130m2 of work floor and office space is to be built.

 “Groenland: the courage to grow and be green!”

With this slogan, Groenland bv is making a statement for the present and the future. The current building at Green Park Aalsmeer was completed in 2014 and is now occupied by Celieplant and Bouquetnet. Its sustainable construction techniques and features, such as solar panels, and water recycling and purification, show a bold and forward-thinking attitude. ‘Green’ is not only the business here, but also the way of thinking and developing.


Groenland 2.0
To house all Groenland bv’s companies according to the principles of sustainable entrepreneurship, the construction company Hercuton has started work on a new 12,130m2 building adjacent to the existing building. This will be constructed at minimum to the same standards of sustainability as the previous one. Again, a prefab concrete structure will be used, in accordance with sustainable construction methods. The building is scheduled for completion in spring 2018, when Celieplant and Bouquetnet will relocate to the new building, while Bloominess, now located in the nearby village of Kudelstaart, will move into the existing building.

Will there be any differences?
Of course, three years of use and experience in the present building has inevitably brought to light things that could be improved, and the new building will include new features, particularly in the field of recycling and the reuse of materials. In addition, exclusively ‘clean’ products will be processed in the new building. The demand for entirely ecologically grown products is constantly increasing – the end user and hence the retailer only want ‘clean’ bouquets and plants. That means the products have to be processed and packed in an environment that is ecologically sound in every way.