itsme opens in Business Park PolanenPark

  9 September 2016  |    News

“Time and location are bridged in different ways”

On Thursday 8 September, itsme officially inaugurated its new regional office and warehouse in Business Park PolanenPark. Here, more than 20 employees attend to B2B customers throughout the Netherlands.

itsme is an international group of companies providing innovative technology and distribution services to manufacturers, machine builders, modular construction companies and industrial installers. The company’s annual sales are approximately €200 million. It employs 520 staff and has a comprehensive network with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Romania and Spain.

Peter Leeflang, managing director and owner of itsme, says, “We achieved a lot in a relatively short time with our office in Amsterdam and outgrew our premises. We also decided to reduce the number of branches, instead investing in larger establishments, such as the one in PolanenPark. We’re back where we started out; as a wholesaler.” However, time and location are bridged in different ways these days. That requires larger warehouses where everything comes together.

Today’s online economy means that quality is becoming even more important, also for itsme. As Leeflang explains, “We do not compete on price but on quality. Our back office goes beyond testing all the products: it always looks for ways to improve things further. Our back office is like your family doctor.” itsme is a crucial link in the supply chain of large quantities of goods in the manufacturing industry. Many of itsme’s customers are developing internationally in one or more other countries. “We support them as much as possible. For example, we take care of the management and control of our customers’ inventories. In our view, the underlying idea is very simple: if our client is unsuccessful, we will be too. However, if our client is successful, we’ve done our job properly! Itsme, making you succeed.”

Alderperson Raymond van Haeften from the municipality of Haarlemmerliede and Spaarnwoude is delighted with the arrival of itsme at PolanenPark. PostNL and Air Products have already opened premises in this business park and accessibility was a decisive factor for them, as it is for itsme. In addition, Molenaar Haarlem is planning to move into its new premises in PolanenPark early in 2017. During the opening, Van Haeften presented itsme with a real collector’s item: a sign with a picture of the old municipal town hall. This will become a rarity because the municipality of Haarlemmerliede and Spaarnwoude will merge with the municipality of Haarlemmermeer in 2019.

About itsme
itsme’s core business is supplying a wide range of electrical and mechanical engineering products to industrial end-users, machine builders, panel builders and engineers. Janssen de Jong Projectontwikkeling built the new regional office and warehouse for itsme in PolanenPark. In terms of its profile, PolanenPark suits itsme perfectly, since the park offers space for companies in the higher environmental categories.