SADC and Heembouw expand C-Bèta at Schiphol Trade Park

  22 November 2019  |    News

In cooperation with SADC, Heembouw will start on the circular renovation of the C-Bèta building at Schiphol Trade Park in Hoofddorp in February. The building will become a showcase for circularity with national and international exposure. From the summer of 2020, circular entrepreneurs will be able to rent spaces with floor areas of between 15 and 35 sqm. The design is by DOOR Architecten.

Heembouw will be refurbishing the building, which has a floor area of around 1,000 sqm, to create an inspiring ‘playground’ with rental units for startups and scale-ups in the field of circularity. There will be room to experiment, conduct tests and physically demonstrate products and services. The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer has issued an umbrella permit to allow for experiments at C-Bèta, for example with small buildings or test structures. Businesses will benefit as they will have no administrative procedures to deal with. The renovation of the building will increase the availability of workplaces at C-Bèta.

In the coming period, Heembouw will be developing the digital design using BIM, and where possible it will be adapted to make use of the circular building materials that are available on the market. Heembouw will apply the experience and knowledge it has gained in projects such as the realisation of the modular TNO EMB Lab in Delft and the design and realisation of its own sustainable, circular and healthy offices in Berkel en Rodenrijs. Building work at C-Bèta will commence in February 2020 and is scheduled for completion by mid-July 2020.

Schiphol Trade Park’s ambition is to be the most sustainable and innovative business park in Europe. C-Bèta is part of Schiphol Trade Park, offering a physical site for startups and innovators, aimed at accelerating the transition to the circular economy. Its premises is the former Hoeve de Vogel, a farmhouse dating from 1895, which was completely renovated by SADC in 2018. It offers space for business events and exhibitions, as well as workspace for companies operating in the field of the circular economy.