SADC participates in campus survey by TU Eindhoven

  26 November 2015  |    News

Campus developments have received a lot of attention recently. Partly because of the success of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, almost every region is working on developing one or more campuses. The question is what makes a campus development successful, however.

SADC sees opportunities for developing a campus environment near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. For this, we would like more insight into what facilities, mix of businesses, spatial layout and marketing strategies would contribute optimally to a structural strengthening of the potential and competitive position of a specific campus location. That is why we are participating in the campus survey to be carried out by TU Eindhoven.

This survey involves an international stock taking of campus locations. Two questions are being focused on:

  • What design factors contribute to establishing and increasing the sustainability of a vital ecosystem/community of businesses? What are the (behavioural) characteristics of an ecosystem that is able to create added value and how can this be demonstrated?
  • What added value is offered by which campus concept and location for what type of activity and what type of business? What results from companies can be regarded as specific campus benefits and how can this added value be quantified in the initiative and management phases?

We hope the outcomes of this survey will provide better insight into what added value a campus environment produces for users, owners/investors and the regional economy. And that they will also indicate what facilities generate the most synergy for the business ecosystem in this campus environment.